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Product Description
Krystal Surface Solution manufactures various products for fumeless Pickling and Passivation on Stainless Steel Surface.

STAR -'Fumeless' Pickling and Passivation Gel / Pickling Paste / Pickling Gel Chemicals for Stainless Steel

STARTM 100 Degreaser
Metal Degreaser for removing oil, grease, buffing compounds etc. from surface
STARTM GelTM Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste
Paste / Gel form for cleaning weld seam & nearby area with brush application
STARTM Pickling Spray
Semi - Gel form for applying on large SS equipments & pipes with special pressurised spray bottle
STARTM Pickling Dip Liquid
Liquid form is `Fumeless' and used for dipping SS parts or circulating inside SS pipelines with pump
STARTM Stainless Steel Passivation

Liquid form for passivation of General Industrial SS equipments

Liquid form is Biodegradable Chelant Passivation for Pharma, food, beverage industries

STARTM 400 Series
STARTM Neutralizer
Advanced neutralizing aid for rinse water or SS surface neutralization
STARTM Nozzle Gel
Anti Spatter Nozzle gel for MIG & Co2 welding STAR

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