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Job at Work Site

Krystal Surface Solution undertakes job work contract at sites for Star Pickling, Passivation & Cleaning of Stainless Steel equipments & pipes.

The unique feature of all StarTM products is that it performs descalement, rust and oxide removal without damaging the parent metal. In addition to this, it gives a passive film making it corrosion resistant.

Usually faced problems are

  • Heavy fuming
  • Over pitting
  • Acid handling   
  • Corrosion
  • Non-passivity
  • Pitting
  • Non-user friendly
  • Non-removal of hard scales

For all these problems Krystal Surface Solution offers a safe, fast and economical answer.  

Krystal Surface Solution not only manufactures StarTM range of Chemicals but also supply accessories and equipments required for carrying out safe in-house Pickling & Passivation for all kinds of jobs.


  • Services available all over India
  • In-house lab deposit analysis
  • Customized chemistry solutions for removing tough and adherent surface deposits
  • Wide range of fully transportable equipments and lab facilities
  • Evaluation & System Inspection for recurring corrosion problems
  • Post-project consultation in passivation treatment of SS process systems
  • One stop solution for all your Cleaning, Pickling and Passivation requirements


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