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Fields of Application

Star TM is successfully & widely used in the following fields.

All Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Machinery, Dairy Machinery, Chemical Machinery, Food & Beverages, SS Vessels, Filters, Pressure Vessels, Process Plants, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Mixers, Agitators, Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Tubes, Stirrers, Fermentations, huge SS Equipments, Silos etc. can be cleaned as per ASTM - A380 Standards

Safety Measures

Person handing this product must wear protective clothing such as PVC Suit, PVC Hand Gloves, PVC safety Glasses for Eye Protection, Gumboots, Air Respirator & Half Mask Air Filter covering Mouth & Nose. In case of any contact with any body part, wash with plenty of fresh water.


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