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Advantages of Star

Advantages of StarTM Products

  1. Removes welding scales with ease
  2. Controlled metal removal
  3. Enhanced finish with uniform smooth and satin look
  4. Negligible Fuming
  5. Avoids corrosion and gives complete corrosion resistance to treated surfaces

Unique Features of STARTM Fumeless Pickling and Passivation
on Stainless Steel

  • Removes all kinds of scales, spot welding colours, burn spots, rust particles, discolouration, ferritic contamination without brushing or wire grinding, and oxide scale formation caused by welding
  • Retains mill finish
  • Prevents corrosion and ensures absolute corrosion resistant
  • Gives a passive, flawless, clean, sterile particle-free SS surface
  • Deferroxyl treatment and descalement on SS is achieved forming a complete pickled and passive coating
  • Micro deburring gives a uniform smooth and even finishing
  • No change in the chemical and physical properties of the metal

Advantages of StarTM over Conventional Pickling and Passsivation

Star™ Conventional
Metal removal may be controlled Metal removal is beyond control
Removes welding scales with ease Difficult to remove welding scales
Improved surface finish Surface finish deteriorates
Negligible fuming Heavy fuming
Can detect pin holes Cannot detect pin holes
Uniform smooth and satin like finish is achieved on the surface area Non-uniform, rough, patchy, and discoloured surface is achieved
Stops corrosion and makes the surface complete corrosion resistant Neither stops nor prevents corrosion and deteriorates the surface area

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