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STARTM GelTM Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste form

STAR Gel Pickling Gel Pickling Paste, Stainless Steel Pickling Paste, Pickling Gel, Pickling Paste Gel suppliers.

Weld Cleaner Pickling Gel weld Remover Pickling Paste Stainless steel pickling paste pickling paste gel suppliers manufacturer MSDS & technical data.

STARTM GelTM ( Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste form ) which is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas and is applied with brush. It is used to remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld and welding affected area by heat without grinding or wire brushing or buffing. It helps in detecting pinholes after welding

STARTM GelTM is stain-free and does not impart yellow or black stains after washing with water. Moreover, it does not necessarily demand separate Passivation chemical process.

Area Coverage per kg: Approximately 90 to 100 running meters for weld seam Per kg of STAR Gel

Application Process
  1. Remove dirt and oil using STARTM 100 degreaser. Add 50-75 gm/litres in water (1kg STARTM 100 in 15-20 litres water), stir and dissolve. Apply liquid STARTM 100 Degreaser onto the surface for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse the surface thoroughly with water.
    (Step 1 & 5 can be avoided for STARTM GelTM on weld seam application)

  2. Apply STARTM GelTM on the weld seams and surrounding areas with a nylon plastic brush.

  3. Leave the STARTM GelTM on the weld seams areas for 20-45 minutes depending upon the thickness of oxide scale.

  4. Use pressurised water Jet Spray or wipe the weld seam lightly with plastic scrubber & rinse the surface thoroughly with water.

  5. Apply STARTM Passivation (STARTM Pass 1) on the surface area and leave it for about 15 minutes. This will prevent from further contamination and corrosion.

  6. Rinse the surface area thoroughly with water and allow it to dry.

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